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How does the qiantanmi seal introduce China


At present, the main material of automobile seal is ethylene propylene rubber ( EPDM ) or polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ). Ethylene propylene diene monomer ( EPDM ) is a kind of elastomer material polymerized by ethylene and propylene monomer. its structure is not saturated double bond on the molecular chain of polymer, so it has excellent weather fastness, heat resistance, ozone resistance, good processability and low compression permanent deformation. Pvc materials are more used in surface decoration requirements of higher automobile seal, such as the roof molding, window and inside and outside of the seal. With the development of automobile industry, more and more new materials can be used in the process of automobile seal. Thermoplastic elastomer ( TPE ) is the most outstanding type of environmental protection material, it is mainly divided into polyene hydrocarbons ( TPV, TPO ); Polyurethanes ( TPU ); Polyester ( tpee ): julvyixilei ( tpvc ); Polyamides ( tpae ) etc. thermoplastic elastomer. And the main products of the automotive seal products are polyene hydrocarbons ( TPV, TPO ) thermoplastic elastomer, which is small and better wear resistance, can be used as automobile glass guide, door glass inner and outer sealing strip and some auxiliary sealing strip. In addition, in the auxiliary materials of various automobile sealing strips, more and more attention to environmental requirements, such as various environment-friendly adhesives, water-based coating materials.


In the 1980s, the seal was introduced into China. It brings great convenience to people's life. The production process of sealing strip is a considerable development, in the long-term accumulation, the sealing strip is successively applied to automobile, door and window, home appliances and other industries, and according to different requirements of the composition and production process. The development of various industries has led to the seal also provides essential materials for the development of various related industries.

The history of the sealing strip is closely related to the development of the doors and windows industry, the upgrading of the two maintains an almost consistent rhythm, with development and progress. As early as in the 1990s, the popularization of aluminum doors and windows in China led to the era of sealing natural rubber strip, which not only low manufacturing cost, the starting threshold is low, but because of natural jiaotiaohui, various fracture, hard and other conditions occur. The country then announced the ban on steel doors and windows, and the natural seal seals had faded out of the market. Since then, the state began to promote the use of PVC sealing strips, in the initial use, PVC sealing products did play a high market value, but then the tight seal situation, and because of the low price competition caused by the low price competition into the market, malignant development blocked the development of PVC sealing road.

With the application of EPDM rubber strip, PVC sealing strip was officially disappeared from people's sight. The new EPDM seal surface is smooth and beautiful, has good elasticity and compression deformation, anti-aging, smelly, chemical resistance and wide use temperature range ( - ~ 125 ℃ ). Epdm seal is more widely used in automobile, doors and windows, cabinets, refrigerators, containers, etc.